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These terms and conditions come into force when any work is carried out. These terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted when development commences.


Quotations are valid for a calendar month. Should development involve more work than the brief mentions, another quotation will be provided to cover this additional work.

Search Engine Optimisation

A website's performance on search engines is not guaranteed. After launch it can take weeks or months for a website to appear accurately in search engine results, particularly if the website I develop replaces an existing site. Basic optimisation will be carried out in order for search engines to find and index the website but it is recommended that you employ a search engine optimisation specialist in order to improve the website's performance on major search engines. They may recommend a paid Google Adwords campaign. I can amend the website structure and/or content based on their advice. I will not be held accountable for any negative effects on your business due to the website's search engine rankings.

Domain Names

It is recommended that you purchase your own domain name(s) for use with the website but I can purchase them for you if you prefer. Domain names are billed annually and up front. I exclusively use 123-reg (the UK's largest domain name registrar) for domain name registration.

Website Hosting

The website will usually be hosted on my own web server, the fee for which is billed annually and up front. You can use your own web hosting service if you wish, and pass the log in details to me.


Development commences when half of the fee is received. The remaining half is due when the site goes live at the appropriate domain and is due within one week of launch. Any work carried out after launch is billed at a negotiable hourly rate. Late payment may result in the website being taken offline until payment is received. Preferred payment is via bank transfer.

After Launch

A monthly fee for maintenance and/or updates is negotiable and depends upon the amount of work involved. Amendments can also be charged on an adhoc basis at a pre-agreed hourly rate.


Sites are usually created on the Wordpress platform with Oxygen Builder. Around 75 million websites worldwide are powered by Wordpress.


A brief training session can be provided if you would like to log in to the website and make changes yourself. Should anything go wrong which requires time to repair, this may be chargeable.